The Team

We are a diverse and unique group of individuals that have joined forces to make the best robot possible. Here you can read more about each individual team member.

The Team

After a couple quiet years for the Stanislas Tech Team, the 2017-2018 season kicks off with a brand-new team consisting of six enthusiastic and creative students with one goal, the championship in the USA. Eager to follow in the footsteps of the 2011 season team, who also made it to the USA. The team is new to the scene, but that hasn’t withheld them from giving 110%. Bram, Max, Tomas and Wendel kickstarted the school year and have worked on teambuilding, the robot and plans ever since the first day of school. Slowly but surely our project gained traction and we found ourselves with two new members, Brenda and Julia. With them on board, our team of six was ready. Wendel was appointed Team Captain, and the rest of the team quickly found a role suited for them on the team. Everyone is very eager to see their journey unravel!
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Brenda Giling

Brenda is an 18-years-old student with a love for tech, animals and chocolate. She’s no softie, as you’ll find her at her kickboxing sessions twice a week. Brenda also knows her way with the guitar, and if you're lucky you might catch her beautiful voice singing along with it! Always smiling, always working. Brenda is a critical and innovative thinker, knowing when and where to ask the questions. Initially working on the hardware, she’s frequently found behind the laptop now, working on the notebooks, the sponsorships and appointments with everyone involved. As a perfectionist, she finishes everything the team starts. A strong ability, without such who knows where the team would be now!
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Max Lauf

Max has been there since day one, working with the rest of the team. In his free time, he loves playing video games, who knows what will become of the Tech Team after this season; maybe they’ll start their own eSports team! Max is energetic and never stands still; you’ll find him on the field every Saturday morning, playing hockey. Coding his way around the team, Max knows his way around the robot. Following the "no problem is uncrackable" philosophy, he won’t give up easily, thanks to his endless perseverance. As a social media guru, he also manages all the outgoing updates and traffic for the team, because without the fans, the journey wouldn’t be worth it!
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Wendel Postma - Team Captain

Wendel is an 18-year-old student with no idea for his future career paths. He does know he loves working with tech, so it is no surprise he jumped at the first opportunity to join the Tech Team. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar in his rock band and working on his PC. In the first few weeks of the challenge it quickly became clear the team couldn’t go anywhere without proper coordination, with a dozen tasks on our to-do-lists and little time we needed everyone to have their own task and supervision. With a proper demographic vote the team decided that Wendel would be most suited as the Team Captain. With him being a control freak in his element the decision soon proved to be the right one. Besides supervising everyone’s work and planning individual tasks ahead of time, he will also work on the coding for the robot. Wendel knows how to motivate the team even if their obstacles seem to tall.
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Tomas Teixeira Pijpers

The engineer-to-be Tomas won’t rest easy if anything goes wrong with the robot. With his motto, “hard work pays off,” he is a valuable asset to the Tech Team. With 17 years of age Tomás loves tech as much as the rest of the team. Outside of school time he is an incredibly talented rower, with a growing number of international races under his belt. If he even finds time besides his work for the team and the training, as a reoccurring theme, he enjoys relaxing with his acoustic guitar now and then. Ever since the beginning, Tomas has been working on the design of the robot, coming up with ideas and solutions to the seemingly endless number of problems. Besides his engineering insights he’s also proven he knows his way around code. He knows a thing or two about Java, even though he’ll primarily be working on the hardware. On top of this, he also created most of the website from scratch!
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Bram Verweij

A part-time volleyball player, Bram knows how to smash his way around the team. Just as Wendel, he knows his PC’s, and loves taking them apart. A strong suit, especially for the FTC. His career path is already planned out; studying aerospace engineering and working with his heroes at the Formula 1. Bram stands tall above everyone else, quite literally. Jumping in whenever Wendel isn’t there, Bram wants to work on every part of the robot at the same time. Primarily though, he assists Tomas and holds him at bay whenever he loses himself in his own thought-process. Mechanisms, weight distribution and cable management, Bram takes care of that which everyone would otherwise forget.

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Julia Van Der Wal

When Julia heard the Tech Team would start again this year she knew she wanted to join. Joining the team as the fifth member she has proved a valuable asset for the team. Found both behind her laptop, as a part of the software team, as behind the workbench, she loves working on every aspect of the challenge.
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