The Sponsors

We would not be here if it weren't for our sponsors; a big thanks to them! Here you can read more about their activities and how they helped us reach our goals.

The Sponsors

As a team with the aspiration to make it to the FTC World Festival in Detroit, we have faced a lot of challenges. That, however, has not stopped us. We love facing the near-impossible and will always gladly try a second or third time. One challenge, though, we cannot face alone, so we are asking for your help. In order to attend the World Festival in Detroit we need funding. The aeroplane tickets, housing, the tournament fee and robot parts all cost money. We could have never done it without the incredible financial support of the Stanislascollege, but we are not there yet. You too can be a sponsor by supporting us on our gogetfunding page! Every little bit helps and we would be sincerely grateful with any and all donations you could make, please spread the word even if you are not able to help us financially! Our sincerest thanks to all!

Stanislascollege Westplantsoen

logo_stanislasThe Stanislas College has a long tradition of good education and cultural and religious education, in a civilised atmosphere, in which pupils and staff work together in harmony.

Mission of the Stanislascollege

The Stanislascollege wishes that through the cooperation of management, employees, pupils and parents, new generations of boys and girls are helped and guided every time to grow into responsible adults, who are prepared to live with and for others, in line with the motto of Stanislas: ' I was born for the greater ". This means that it is about getting the best out of yourself and putting it at the service of God and fellow human beings.


The school management encourages an investigative attitude among the teachers, who regularly analyse the quality of their own activities. The school actively engages with pupils, parents and the environment. The school involves them in improving the quality of education.

Schippers Architecten BNA

logo_schippers"A house will only become a home if it offers you the space to live in unimpeded." Schippers Architects BNA has been shaping the wishes of its clients for more than 90 years. We do this from a contemporary and down-to-earth approach to architecture. Designing is not all we do and we design not alone. We think creatively with you at all stages of the design process; from idea to reality, from feasibility study to execution drawings. We do this in all residential segments, together with you. The wishes of the client will become our standard, because a house will only become a home if it offers you the freedom to live in it freely!

Jigsaw B.V.

logo_jigsawJigsaw B.V. is managed by Sidney Cadot (owner, founder) and Denis de Leeuw Duarte (owner). Jigsaw B.V. brings extensive experience with a broad range of technologies to projects in R&D, government, and industrial settings. Their track record includes a wide variety of projects, including: calibration of space-borne instruments; Unix/Linux software development, and high performance computing, for leading organisations in the Dutch and European technology sectors.

Contact Us:
address:   Westplantsoen 71
2613GK Delft
The Netherlands
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