Our Mission

Not only is it important to learn, ourselves, but also to share our knowledge with others. Here you can read about the community work we are doing.

Our Mission

As the FIRST Tech Team do we not only want to achieve a good result during the competition, but also mean something to our school, younger potential FLL/FTC candidates and our community. In addition we would also like to make the competition more known. To accomplish these tasks we have made a few plans.

Each year our schools organises open days and open evenings, where parents and primary school students come to visit the school to decide which school is best fort hem. During these open days and evenings we are going to present the competition, the robot and the team.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the robot we are going to replicate the competition playing field and program a loop for the robot to follow. By doing so we can simultaneously demonstrate the robots capabilities and explain how the FIRST Tech Challenge works and what we do in and around the competition. We think this is the best method to attract attention to the competition and the possibilities our school has to challenge students who like to do extra work.

Another method to help out our community, is by going to primary schools and giving small workshop where the children learn the basics of programming and building a robot. By doing this we, teach children important skills in a fun way, motivate the children to participate in the FLL and later the FTC and we show what extra activities our schools does.

We are planning on visiting a few schools in the area and our target age group is the penultimate and final year (11-13 years of age). We believe this is the best group for the workshop as at this age the interest for technology starts to grow.

The workshop we are planning on giving consists of demonstrating our robot and giving them certain tasks to complete, namely; building moving parts and programming those using LEGO sensors and parts. While they come up with a solution they can ask us questions and we will assist them with the more difficult aspects of designing robots. At the end of the workshop we will discuss the different solutions and determine the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Finally we plan on presenting the challenge to the rest of the school. The presentation consists of explaining the FTC and answering any questions the students may have. This way we hope that next year there will be another enthusiastic Tech Team to take part in the FTC.

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